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We house our Customer Service Department here at the Terminal.  We've tried to make your Airship Artistry experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Since shopping online is a new flight for many, we have put together answers to the most common questions. Have an Uncommon Question? Use the Control Tower to contact us.  Enjoy your Stay!

Here are some of the answers you will find answers regarding:

  1. What is Airship Artistry?
  2. What subjects do we airbrush?
  3. What items do we airbrush on?
  4. How to shop online with us
  5. Shipping and Handling
  6. Gift cards
  7. Payment & Options
  8. Privacy Policy
  9. Copy Rights

  1. Painting on Formula 1 nose cone
    airbrushing on Formula 1 nose cone

    What is Airship Artistry?

    A family-owned, family-operated custom airbrush business.  Airbrusher Del Wildes is a former USMC jet mechanic who has airbrushed for over 30 years. We have the nation's first custom airbrush facility dedicated to aviation.

    Yes, we still paint (on or of) vehicles, animals, business logos, etc. We are committed to providing quality artwork whether on aircraft, trailers, semi-trucks, vans, tailgates, tire covers, helmets, garage doors, bomber jackets, frameable canvas, shirts, or whatever it may be. We also sell aviation-related gift items from a carefully selected group of companies and vendors. Please taxi into our cyber Hangar for more information.

    If you're in the area, stop by and say hello, see our facility, and shop. Weekdays usually find us there at our Greater Rockford Airport Hangar/studio/gallery. Click here for Directions...

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  1. What subjects to we airbrush?

    Painting on Formula 1 nose cone
    detail, back and sleeve of leather jacket

    WE DO AIRCRAFT! We Also Do:
    • Graphics/Scenery
    • Business Logos
    • Any & All Animals
    • Cars, Trucks, Semi-trucks, Race Cars, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Campers, Trailers, Buses, Toys, Foods, Tools, Machinery Etc., as the list is virtually endless!

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  1. What items do we airbrush on?

    Painting on Formula 1 nose cone

    AIRCRAFT! (aircraft, panels, wheel pants, etc.) As well as ...

    • Trailers
    • Buses
    • Vehicle Panels
    • Recreational Vehicles
    • Tire Covers, Bug Shields
    • Helmets
    • Machinery
    • Garage Doors, Walls
    • Frameable Canvas Illustration Board...
    • Fabric Panels, Chair Covers, Throw Pillows...
    • Golf Bags, Gym Bags, Camera Bags...
    • Computer Mouse pads
    • Mailboxes, Toilet Seats, License Plates...
    • Leather Bomber Jackets, Vests, Bags....
    • Denim Jackets, Twill Jackets...
    • Sweatshirts, Shirts, Golf Shirts, Tank Tops...
    • Pillowcases, Towels, Aprons, Baby Bibs...

      And the list is endless... (we wouldn't ask our computer consultant to type all of them, would we?)

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      1. Painting on Formula 1 nose cone
        close-up of soaring eagle painted on the back window glass of truck cab

        How to shop online with us

        It's really very easy to shop with Airship Artistry.  Whenever you're ready, click on Hangar. Once you are in the Hangar, just click on the area you are interested in for the price and then enter it into the order form. When we receive your order, we will notify you for confirmation. That's all it's that simple.  Give it a try!!

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      1. Shipping and Handling

        • US Postal Priority
        • US Postal Air
        • UPS Ground
        • UPS 2nd Day
        • UPS Next Day

        Worldwide shipping - Anywhere on the globe! US Postal Air. We ship most custom items in 1-3 weeks. Cost begins at $3.50. Shipping insurance a must on items such as tire covers, leather jackets, etc.

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      1. When you specify a shipping address different from your mailing address, we'll be glad to include a gift card with your purchase. This is the PERFECT solution for special occasions. We've put together our own design to which we add your personalized message. All this at NO extra cost to impress upon someone how much you care.

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      1. We accept:
        • VISA
        • Mastercard
        • Novus
        • Checks
        • money orders


        Email Orders:
          Just email us your order and we will call to confirm your order and credit card information, that way there is no credit card numbers involved online for security reasons.

        Phone Orders:  Just phone us your order and will take the payment information over the phone.

        Fax Orders:  Just print out the order form and fax it to (800) 410-6788 with Credit Card information on the form along with your signature.

        Mail Orders: Use credit card, check (please allow 2 weeks to clear), or money order.   Please make checks payable to Airship Artistry.

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      1. We give our word to NEVER give your address, e-mail, phone number, or accounting information to anyone.

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      1. All images in Airship Artistry are copyrighted by us of the manufacturer. You may not copy any image, including items that you purchase. Airship Artistry is our trademark with all rights reserved.

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