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Specialty Items, by Airship Artistry

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Prices for Artwork on Specialty Items

These prices are based on light colored items. For dark colors, prices will vary depending on image of artwork that you choose. Add the artwork prices to price of the specialty item you choose (if you will not be providing the item to be painted on).

Standard Custom Artwork: Ranging from  at $45-65 (price will depend on detail of image and the coverage of the item that you desire)

Cartoon Artwork: Starting at $15
Portrait of Person: Starting at $65

Personalized or Text Added to Artwork: Starting at $5 (in addition to above prices)

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Prices of Specialty Items

Item Price
Chef Aprons $6.99
Waist Aprons $3.99
Baby Bibs $2.99
License Plates $4.99
Mouse Pads $4.99
Pillow Cases $4.99
Ties $5.99
Hand Towels $4.99

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How to Order

Choose the kind of item and the type of artwork you would like, then enter those details and prices into our order form. Click here to start ...

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Specialty Items, by Airship Artistry